One today

One selection today, I had 3 but I am out tonight so won’t be able to monitor three games so just gonna pick the best of the bunch. A few dutch games suit and also a french one, but will have a second look and just go for the one i feel is the most likely early goal. Update to follow.


Today was one of those annoying days where I missed out on some decent cash. I scalped £30 from a German football game and decided the stats on the Freigburg v Bayern Munich game were just too good to ignore, even though it was an away playing favourite which I usually don’t touch. I laid the draw at 4.9 and watched the opening 5 minutes of the game online as I usually do. But it was slower than expected so I made the silly decision to trade out and save a few quid, and get back in 10 or so minutes later, which would mean a saving of about £20. …

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