Today was one of those annoying days where I missed out on some decent cash. I scalped £30 from a German football game and decided the stats on the Freigburg v Bayern Munich game were just too good to ignore, even though it was an away playing favourite which I usually don’t touch. I laid the draw at 4.9 and watched the opening 5 minutes of the game online as I usually do. But it was slower than expected so I made the silly decision to trade out and save a few quid, and get back in 10 or so minutes later, which would mean a saving of about £20. That cost me £1-200! It’s a common mistake to let emotion affect your decisions in any form of trading, and sports trading is no different. The stats were probably the best I have ever seen, in many years of trading football on betfair, so why I traded out I don’t know. Suffice to say, within 20 seconds of trading out, Munich got a penalty and were 1-0 up, shortly followed by a red card for the underdog. AAGH!

Scalped another £32 from Man Utd game. Only managed to exit and take my profit a few seconds into game, with a full £4000 bank back bet on ManU open. If only I had not got it matched immediately, Van Persie scored within ONE minute! AAAGH, another unlucky scrape which could have netted me hundreds! ho hum, £32 for a few minutes work can’t be bad, so I shouldn’t grumble.

I netted a few quid on Man U Under 2.5 goals. Owing to that super quick 1 minute goal for Van Persie, and considering how rarely Man U score ANY goals in the first half, I suspected the odds would have tumbled way further than they should after that goal, so I laid over 2.5 Goals for 20 minutes and then just greened up.

Finally, I had selected Chelsea v Fulham today as a LTD. I chose it based on stats early in the day, but wasn’t feeling confident based on Chelsea’s recent form and manager upsets and changes etc. I therefore waited and watched the first 10, then 20, then 45 minutes. The most boring game I have watched all season! I didn’t enter the trade, no reason to as far as I could see. At 65 minutes it was still 0-0 so instead of laying the draw I just chose to lay Under 2.5 Goals instead. A £200 lay risking £50 @ 1.25 odds. Worth a punt as both teams can score and surely someone would?! Well, I placed another bet later on, and ended up 0-0, should have known, always rely on Chelsea to be an anti-climax. Lost £75 here, which made my overall result a loss of £15 for the day. Annoying.

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