8th December Final Update

Well, disappointingly there were no goals in the Almeria game which surprised me. I will usually watch a game I am trading but I didn’t have time to sit and watch it today, so I was about to exit when the draw odds came down to 2, but thankfully the away team scored in the 65th minute just before I exited, and I took a small loss of £70 to get out.

Many traders would stay in at that point as the odds on the draw would continue to rise very quickly at that stage of a game, even though it was the underdog who was ahead, but I have been burned by this approach several times and frankly I can’t take the stress and regret which comes when the home team equalises in the 70th minute or similar, and bang the draw odds are down way below your stop loss point of 2, meaning I could have lost £300 quite easily. I am much happier taking the hit, it was a good pick but it didn’t pan out so swallow it and move on.

Thanks to the in play value bet on Swansea earlier, I ended up £10 green for the day, which is pretty respectable considering my LTD pick failed me this time. Tomorrow looks quite busy so hopefully a better day tomorrow. Time for a beer to dull the effect of the X Factor final which my wife will no doubt be watching tonight. They all need putting on an island if you ask me, judges included! 😀

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