Pen-ultimate trading update

£104 greened Juventus goal.

Man City got the second goal I was expecting to level the match at 2-2. 5 minutes to play, do i trade out or hold nerve for a full win profit? Hmm, nope, taking it. £168 greened. Gonna be a heavy loss on Feyenoord though, around £500. 🙁

Total loss for the day was £298, a bad day in the office, but could have been a lot worse, the annoying thing is how it could have been a stonking winner of a day. It all hinged on one tiny decision, to exit my Feyenoord trade for the back price instead of the lay price, just to squeeze a bit more profit out, maybe £10-20 extra green. That decision caused my bet to wait around a minute to exit, and in that time the swines scored an equaliser in the blink of an eye. if I had just exited for the offered lay price and not been greedy, I would have had around £400 profit for the day. Something to think about, that’s for sure.

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I had one more game short listed but undecided. Fenerbahce in Turkish Super League. Maybe its a mistake, but this was for me a good pick, but not an excellent one. If i was green for the day now, I would probably give it a miss, but with my loss as it is, I am tempted to trade it. Fenerbahce score well and are on excellent form at home. The away team are on a bad run of away form, however they don’t concede an awful lot which was the only reason I could find to not trade it. I may well trade it now, although I think I have a live stream for that game so will watch some of it and see how the first 5-10 minutes pans out before deciding. Who knows, maybe I could bring today’s losses back to a more respectable level.

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