9th Dec update

I have backed Correct Score of 1-4 to Man U, just for a tenner at a whopping 28-1 odds, a small hedge. Also backed £6 @ 50-1 on scoreline of 4-2 to Man U, another wee hedge. I will have a whole garden soon 😀

Decided to LTD at Palermo v Juventus. 0-0 @ 42 minutes, and Juventus are on great form away from home, and they score the great majority of the goals in the second half. Today could be costly, or highly profitable, but either way its going to be run to the line I think. Feyenoord and Breda game just needs a goal, and loads of shots at the keeper and over the bar, same with City now, but no goals. Cool head, cool head. 😀

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