Football Trading Update

Well I now have eyes for MK Dons and Cardiff v Peterboro. Both are absolutely fantastic stats-wise.

As I type this MK Dons have just scored and only had half of my trade matched so it will be a small winner, although I will hold out for a second goal to hopefully green at least £50 from it. The stats suggest thats a safe choice. didnt hold out, took a small profit in the end.

Cardiff – no goals so far, 15 minutes in, so I am drip-feeding my trade into the markets, rather than all in at high odds (5 ish currently), i am dropping in £100 then a couple of £50 bets further down towards 4 on the draw. Ooops, a goal from away team, but not worried, Cardiff are on superb form and will come back strongly I feel. Very odd day, Cardiff are on steaming form at home, but didn’t get a reply goal until 89th minute.  i managed to exit quickly for a small £15 loss so not bothered, happy to make bets like that all day long as the stats would usually come good but this time Cardiff struggled and that is out of character for the top team in the league.

In play trading opportunity – Liverpool v Aston Villa. Villa scored, and are playing well admittedly, but holding off goals from Suarez and the rest of the Liverpool team is a tall order, so I have laid the draw @ 3.4 there. Villa got another which game me a small profit so took that and will be laying Villa soon i think. Currently at 1.66. 0-3 to Villa, laid them at 1.08. No goals from Liverpool, haven’t seen them play for some time, and they certainly didn’t play according to their stats today. Absolutely dire football, but credit to Villa who defended brilliantly. Small loss here but was a worthwhile risk as risk/reward was good.

I had one more pick but the stats were not strong enough to trade from the start of the match, so I waited and they scored so I closed out for the day. Not a bad day, nor a good one. But at least its got me back involved without being too painful!

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