8th Jan last update

Well, not many words I can publish here to describe how I feel about that trade. So Halifax score on average over 3 goals per game and are on a nice run of home wins against top teams. Today, playing a bottom of league team who concede 2 goals per game on average, they can’t muster a goal before 70 minutes. £250 loss.

My picks have been serving me very well for several years now so I am not going to look for reasons in this run of losses that I am currently on. We all get them. Its just that little thing called lady luck, she comes and she goes so just have to sit tight and keep to the cherry picks. I won’t bother looking what happened in the games I discounted in favour of this one, as I know without even looking they will have been winners, that’s just how this game kicks you in the head when it wants to, and I have seen it too many times to even waste time checking now! All that counts is the trade I chose lost, and losing trades are part of the business so it’s another day in the office and nothing personal.

Onwards and upwards, soon I hope!

P.S. Just for fun (not revenge or anything you understand) I have laid under 2.5 goals for £500 risking £15. Will leave my phone alerts on in case of goals. Worth a punt, and its not just a punt either, remember the goal stats, and stats have a habit of coming good even if only 20 minutes left in a game, so I am taking what traders call a value bet here, its nothing to do with the gambler in me, honest 😀

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