Football Trading 26th Feb

Well lots of possibles but not quite good enough today. There is only one which looks good enough to trade, Grimsby v Ebbsfleet. See stats – This looks good, but not excellent. The problem is the price. At 4.9 the draw is in my view too pricey. It is one of those I won’t make my mind up on until closer to KO, possibly waiting to see if I can watch some of the game. If I can, and Grimsby look dominant from the start, I will get in below 4.5. If not, I won’t.

Football Trade update

Well, i was called out to a friend in need shortly before the game. I had an alarm on my phone so knew the game had started. I managed to get online at his house briefly and saw it was 1-0 by 20 minutes of play, and i was trying to get out on a weird looking betfair website, no exchange, just a bookie service so I couldn’t trade out until i worked out how to get the exchange up, by which time the other team had bloody equalised! SO typical! Anyway, i hung on then and waited til 1-3 and took £60 green, not breaking any records but good …

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Football trading update

Well two nice evening LTD picks there. Elche scored nice and early but the stats are so good I am waiting for a second to hopefully get more profit from that trade. Athletico Madrid – just scored also, so took a quick £80 green, not chancing any more risk on that one as Espanyol are a capable team and don’t concede a lot usually. Happy to be out with some green there. Update: Well that was hairy. Was about to exit for a £250 loss when Elche finally got another goal. PHEW! Turned a mediocre day into a good one. £220 greened for the day 🙂 …

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