15th February Football Betfair Trading

Two picks today. One nailed on, one slightly expensive and less certain, but good enough just.

AC Milan v Parma

Seville v Deportivo

Well two small wins is fine by me. Expected more today to be honest, but was busy with a water leak after a pipe burst, so i was trading via my iphone and I never like being in a trade when i am not at my desk really.

AC Milan game wasn’t as lively as I hoped, but they went 1-0 ahead just before HT. It was an own goal by the away team, and between that the first half only seeing one goal, it was a sensible idea to get out so I did, for a £64 win greened.

Seville – well 5 minutes into the game they got a goal, and being busy I just traded straight out for a £45 greened profit. Typically, if I had been at my desk I would have stayed in as per my usual method, hoping for more goals. Wish I had, they scored again 20 minutes later and that would have made more like an £80 win. It was 3-1 by half time so it must have been a lively game!

I used the Betfair mobile app and it worked quite well, also has goal alerts now so I may use that more in future.

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