General news about this trading diary….

Just for info, I have had a few people asking for more detailed information about how I select my trades. I am very busy with various projects at the moment, aside from trading. I am also very busy with family stuff and possibly moving home soon, so it won’t be for a while but at some point in the near future I will be writing an ebook which will be free for download, which will detail my entire method, all the secret tips and tricks I have learned over the years to finding a winning trail of selections enabling me to make a profit year on year with only around 30 minutes a day spent on analysis.

I am happy to share this information as the markets are plenty big enough for people to take part and follow what I do if they choose to, but please remember I am not a tipping service of any kind, I merely publish what I am doing so others can perhaps learn how to do this, or if some choose to just follow my trades then that’s up to them, but I accept no responsibility for losing trades, nor winning ones! I publish what I do, what you do is entirely your call!

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