One Trade today

Luton v Ebbsfleet @ 1945hrs – I like the stats on this one. A bit nervy towards the end of the season when low teams just sit in front of their own goal to try to scrape a point for a draw, but I can’t see them holding back Luton from scoring. I am considering doing some testing on a more time based system, as I feel the stats strongly suggest Luton will score somewhere between 25 and 45 minutes. Would be interested to see how a system like that worked out, in for the period when a goal expected and out the rest of the time. Would miss a lot of winners, but would also miss a lot of red on the screen! Maybe next season.

I am out all day so may not be able to trade this but thought I would post this in case anyone was interested what I would trade today and will if I can. Thanks for the kind messages from a few of you lately 🙂

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