Trading Update

Well, I was having dinner during the first goal so didn’t hear it. Of course when I came back to my machine I noticed it was 1-1. I waited for 2-1 and exited for a £70 green on a £200 stake. Its a small but safe green, and its HT now so I would not stay in for second half, just bank some green thats my motto these days! (‘Some’ banked is better than risking a losing trade for higher winnings, over the longer term for definite) Not many football trades around this time of year, so I suppose i should just be grateful for a trade

22nd May

Caen v Ajaccio – this caught my attention by the coupons on Betfair are not showing much liquidity on any games so far today. This sometimes happens when the site is having problems so it could get updated later, but for now I am not looking at any definite trades for today.