14th May Trading

Well there is one game which would normally be a pick today, Arsenal v Wigan. However, at the end of the season you have to be very careful, and never more than with Wigan. I made a decision a few weeks ago to avoid trading any Wigan games. I was really peed off when they played the FA Cup final, I went to play snooker and saw the game on. I had forgotten I wanted to put a small bet on Wigan, I had one of those “feelings”. I don’t usually do straight gambling like that, but Wigan have impressed me so much and they are the Kings of comebacks, so I really fancied them to beat Man City, which most people thought was crazy, hence my desire to bet on it even more!

They have virtually zero hope of avoiding EPL relegation this year, but when you hear the word “virtually no hope” where Wigan is concerned, I always expect them to do it for some reason! I know its a very tall order today, but you just never know where Wigan is involved, and I would be kicking myself if I traded it and they went ahead or scored first, as I suspect they might. They are really putting some quality goals together, and with the impetus of their fantastic Cup win the other day, I can see them managing a win today, not that I think it is likely, I can just “see it” happening, especially if I go and trade against them doing so!

So that’s it, no trades today, but no doubt a great game to watch tonight.

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