Brasil – WOW!

Aren’t they just amazing?! Italy played great, but Brasil really did steal the show. I am getting tempted to trade some of these, but the stats are few and far between so I wont be doing so unless I see a real killer betfair trade in one of the confederation cup games.

I am in the process of packing up and moving home, so the next few weeks (possibly 2 months max) will be sparse trading for me generally. I intend to have a play on the Wimbledon tennis games, when stats are good enough which they will be on quite a few games. I am trying to install some screen capture video recording software so I can film some of my tennis trading live. I haven’t written about my tennis methods (there are loads, I only really use 2 methods) but I hope to get time for that with all the packing and stuff going on around here.

Stay tuned, come the next football season I will be moved to a new home with a nice office and plenty of football trading to come!

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