Saturday 5th October 2 Football Trades today

I am in and out today so not sure how much I will be at desk and able to trade. But here is myshortlist for trades I will do if I can.

Wolfsburg v Ein Braunschweig – KILLER trade (according to stats anyway!). This is priced at 6 which is way above what I usually look for, but with the home team form being superb and away form of away team being awful, plus with the goal scoring stats, its a definite trade for me.

Sunderland v Man Utd – Man U always score late, and being away from home, this is a slightly risky trade although the price is good. I would wait until draw odds are 3.1 and lay the draw at that point if it is still 0-0. If a goal has been scored I would leave it alone.

P.S. I have finally got round to setting up a Twitter page so people can follow my daily trading updates more easily. I will stick a link on the sidebar soon, but for now you can find my Twitter page HERE


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