One trade today

Well I have to admit I am a bit nervous about today.

After finding a large shortlist of around 8 games, I rejected all of them for one reason or another, mostly reason of recent form. There was one I just felt was too good to miss, but it is very pricey, well above what I have historically and traditionally called my maximum (5). This one is 6.2!

Roma v Sassuolo –

In fact, while typing this, I have changed my strategy for this game. I have laid the draw at 6.4 to get matched immediately (it kicks off in an hour) and instead of running down to my stop loss at 2, I will exit soon after KO if the game looks crap, by watching the game hopefully on Betfair. I will set a stop loss at 3, but hoping long before then I will have seen enough to get out (if it just doesn’t look worthy of the price, it needs to kick ASS from the KO for me!) or see a goal and bank some green.

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