Internationals Day

Hi, I am not trading any lay the draws today, its a coupon full of international games. However, if I still had Bet Angel I would definitely be spending an evening in my office tonight, as the scalping, bookmaking and dutching opportunities are fantastic with these international games. You can bank easy money just taking a tick in the odds ladders here and there. I will do a video on how to do this as soon as I can, but I need Bet Angel again first and I have little spare cash outside of my Betfair account at the mo, so it may be a few weeks.

I plan lots of trading guides and videos for the new year, so stay tuned! In fact the best way is probably to follow me on Twitter, or on Facebook as the updates will go on there probably before hitting this (which is only meant to be my Betfair trading diary). Up to you, check back in the new year anyway

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