Today’s trades continued..

Well Hannover v Nurnberg is another VERY tricky one. I actually laid the draw for half an hour mulling it over, but i have decided to leave it alone. Its very borderline. I favour a home win, an easy one, but one thing upsets me and thats the home teams result of 0-0 against bottom of league Braunschweig. They should have scored 3 or 4 goals there, and with that result I am just walking away from it. Football trading is often like this, you know it will win, but you have to find reasons NOT to trade. Its only that discipline which makes the difference between a profitable season and a losing one.

Everton v Fulham – A bit twitchy as Fulham have improved the last week or two and they are fighting for their lives in every game now. However the stats are pretty clear and this should be an easy home win barring any upsets (which are possible here). I have laid the draw at 5.3

Brentford v Oldham – Ok well i turned down so many borderline trades today, this is my last on shortlist so whilst I feel like turning this down too, I am going for it. 3.85 is pretty cheap after all

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