Boxing Day Football Trading….

Empoli v Cesena – Tempting but ruled out, just not strong enough form on home team side.

Wolves v Crewe – Again very tempting but price is just far too high for those stats. Not trading that.

Everton v Sunderland – Ideally I would like to wait as this could be a very tight defensive game from Sunderland. ALL they will want is to protect their goal, god knows they can’t score em! But at 5.3 and with Everton’s unbeatean  home record, I can’t miss out on this one so laying at 5.3

Chelsea v Swansea – Laying the draw at 5.4. I am a bit nervous of this one. I think Swansea could do well, but Chelsea could also blitz this game, just nervous that they might not. Chelsea really will see this as a must win for the league title to be possible, so I am going for it and hopefully they are too. They better field their best players for a change, and drop that Torrez on his head!

That’s it for today

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