Well, Turkey was a tight affair. After the red card at 0-0, I decided to take the advantage that offered and traded out for a £30 loss, which is damn good value considering i was in the trade for nearly 65 minutes. But…. of course….. 30 seconds after I traded out, Fenerbahce got the goal. You just have to laugh when that happens, as it does happen quite often, well for me it does anyway! Bilbao – I have traded out of that one too, small loss after Espanyol went ahead. It could well come good and usually I would stay in, but I have a lot of things to …

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Well I have two games I am trading today. I may end up wishing I hadn’t traded either, as both have slight potential problems in the stats, but if lady luck doesn’t have anything against me today, I can’t see why these two shouldn’t both pay out. I do feel a bit strange though, and if I was trading super tight, I would just leave today alone. Fenerbahce Athletico Bilbao


well i did say it could go either way! Hercules scored, and i would usually stay in to take profit with later developments in the game, but i am busy fixing my car and can’t hear the pings so i have just taken a £36 loss, as its easier to call that one quits for a small loss and saves me having to run back and forth checking goals!

Saturday Football Trading – Lay The Draw

Mallorca v Hercules – Very odd one this. It could go very much either way, but at 3.9-4 I see a decent value trade here so I have laid the draw. Kicks off at 1715hrs AZ v Utrecht – 1945. This is pricey, but the stats seem just about good enough to justify it. I have ordered my lay the draw at 5.3 and hope to get matched before or shortly after KO. Villareal v Celta de Vigo – 2100 – Some small doubts here, but given the price, it’s still great value I think. 4.2 That’s it. Strange day, strange stats and odds, so it could be a big …

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