Oh dear!

I am such an idiot!

Once a year I seem to do this. Lose concentration that is. Ok, it was a losing trade this one, had a good run of late, and wiped it all out today, Why? Because I forgot I put the trade on and went out for a walk, had an eerie feeling the whole time I was out, like I had forgotten something, and I had! I didn’t trade out. Just sat down and saw that I was in a trade, totally forgot, 0-0 at full time too, bloody typical. Ok its my fault I forgot to trade out, but come on, on those stats, SOMEONE should have won?! ha ha, oh well, that’s only a paltry £700 loss. AAAAAGH!

Oh well, drop stakes back down to reflect bank drop, keep calm and carry on! Time for a beer.


Let this be a lesson to you all though, no matter how long you are doing this and no matter how good you can pick your trades, concentration is just as important as stats analysis or anything else!

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