Go Columbia!

Well I have never had such an enjoyable world cup football season! I am getting behind teams I have never even bothered to watch before, Algeria, Belgium, and now Colombia who are in my opinion the strongest team in the whole world cup competition. They are playing out of their skin and I can see them beating Brasil tonight! I ain’t betting, don’t get me wrong, there is a big difference between thinking, hoping, guessing etc, and TRADING.

Trading is something I am on a sabbatical from as many of you have already guessed. I am very busy with a house move and loads of personal stuff at the moment so I decided to take the World Cup and Wimbledon season off from trading, and just enjoy sports with no financial incentive attached. But don’t let that make you think I don’t enjoy making money from sports, I love it, but I need to set up a better internet connection, a new computer is also in the mix, and then I will be back in a month or two for a very serious trading season, with new methods (many) and a good deal of methods I intend to share with my readers too 🙂

Here’s to a successful year of trading starting very soon, ciao for now

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