No trades today

I shortlisted a few games before realising they were cup games, the only exception being Fiorentina which after a look at stats is a definite no trade. Ho hum, it will get busy soon! Just got to keep powder dry and not be tempted to mess around just to be involved.

Thursday 23rd October

Well I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that yesterday’s pick would have been a losing trade, unbelievable against those stats. As I did say though, Brasilian games can be very odd sometimes. I don’t know why, stats are stats and these odd results just don’t make sense against a backdrop of average goal figures of 2.8 per game! However, I have learned over the years that some leagues can burn you more easily than others, and while on the subject i may as well say that in my experience by far the most costly leagues to trade are Portugal premier league, Greek Premier League and Brasilian first league.No …

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One trade tonight

Cruzeiro vs. Palmeiras – 1030pm This is a corker of a trade according to the stats. Brazilian games can sometimes be unpredictable, at least they were sometimes in the past. But these stats are what I would call a perfect trade. Top team plays very low league team, great home scoring stats. The only way it could be better is if the home team had 5 or 6 unbeaten games in a row, and the away team had 5 or 6 losing games in a row. But that would be greedy. I won’t be able to trade this due to the time its on, but if I was at my …

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