Almost a profit!

OK I ran it on a bit longer than planned as everything looked pretty dull in the game, I was just trading out at around 25 minutes when they did the inevitable. I only paid 1.04 for my lay so I only stand to lose £40 when Spain win, worth it I think but next time I would probably choose something not quite so one sided as even the punters were not acting too rationally, come on after 25 minutes and it’s still 0-0 (with Luxembourg doing pretty well and making some good saves) I think 1.06 is a crazy price. Its not about whether they will win or not, its about how many minutes have gone and the fact its 0-0, the odds should have been around 1.1-1.2 and usually would have been, but I suppose Spain just has such a huge following that punters just kept that price down. Oh well, worth a shot and only a small loss.

On to the next coupon 🙂 🙂

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