Thursday 23rd October

Well I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that yesterday’s pick would have been a losing trade, unbelievable against those stats. As I did say though, Brasilian games can be very odd sometimes. I don’t know why, stats are stats and these odd results just don’t make sense against a backdrop of average goal figures of 2.8 per game!

However, I have learned over the years that some leagues can burn you more easily than others, and while on the subject i may as well say that in my experience by far the most costly leagues to trade are Portugal premier league, Greek Premier League and Brasilian first league.No idea why, and I do still trade them when something looks as good as yesterday’s game did on paper, but I never feel surprised when something goes very much against the way the stats suggest they should.

I have no interest in any trading today as they are all UEFA games.

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