Betfair trading 26th December

Well I had a few on shortlist today but all of them fell over when looking into detailed stats and form. All that remains is one trade: Chelsea v Westham – This is expensive, but the form is incredible. Chelsea have kept SIX clean sheets at home, on average score 2.5 goals per game and concede only 0.35 per game!! They are unbeaten at home, on a huge run of form, and they score the first goal (average) at around 20 minutes. So, usually I would wait for odds to come in to 5 or lower before entering, but instead I am going to trade this one from about 5 …

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Well the goal came nice and early in Duisburg and I should have taken the green really but I waited hoping for 2-0 to double up the green and it went to 1-1 instead so became a losing trade. Thankfully Man City did the business as expected and I let that run to 2-0 as well (consistency is key) so laid City at 1.02 to make my trade exit: …

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oh go on then, just a little one….

well i am not being greedy, but this live stream of wolfsburg shows they are trying everything in their power to score a goal. i have £25 of green on that game guaranteed, so a LTD now just running down until the odds hit 2 will cost me my green plus a tenner red. Thats £30 liability. But if either team score, I would expect (at this late stage) at least twice that in green. So is it twice as likely there will be no more goals than one more goal? I don’t think so. Hence the trade 🙂 fingers crossed.