Dog scored first in Russia game, usually I wait it out a while until odds start to climb as they take over as favourite, but in this case I could get out with a humble £33 loss so I just took that and got out.

Well I don’t tend to watch games as much these days, but I decided to watch a live stream of the Chelsea game and within 10 minutes I could see good reasons to get out. Firstly it was pricey at 4.8 and I needed to feel 100% secure, and I didn’t. Spurs could (and should) have easily scored early on, then I heard Diego Costa is out from yellow card accumulation, which takes a big edge off Chelsea. Soldardo ended his goal drought last game too. Generally it started to feel like a 4 bet, not a 4.8 bet. So I am out for £9 loss and happier to end the day there than risk a costly loss which I will kick myself for not exiting earlier.

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