Lots to avoid today

Well I have done a thorough check of all today’s games and there isn’t one which offers a decent LTD pick, so I have no trades today. Normally (when I am sat down with trading software and focussed fully for the day) I would be backing some draws today, there are so many overpriced ones which are just begging to be backed as a value bet. Liverpool, Cambuur and various others come to mind. Some of them are priced up around 5, yet both teams average around 1 goal per game, thats value bets if I ever I saw em!

Anyway, I am keeping powder dry today while i plan to get going on my old more reliable bread and butter trading methods to restore my balance and get into profit again. Watch this space! We must be careful not to get into “revenge trading” which can be hugely costly and wipes out hundreds of traders every month, hence I am keeping my cool and just walking away from anything unless it slaps me in the face and screams ‘TRADE ME’! I know of too many methods to watch my bank disappear on LTD alone, unless like i say there is something too good not to trade.

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