Sunday LTD

Brondby (Danish game) looks a very close call, but I am avoiding temptation even though the stats suggest they could score a load of goals today. The away team doesnt concede a lot, and thats enough to turn it down for me today.

Cruzeiro is the same, could be a good few goals but both teams can put up a very good defense so it could also easily end 0-0 or at least stay 0-0 until too late for a LTD trade.

In fact all I can find is tempters, but no rock solid LTD trades today at all. So I will just be happy with my win from earlier and call it a day as far as LTD is concerned. However I have recently got Bet Angel running again and I am going to ease myself back into some scalping which I missed terribly for building my bank. In fact I have just netted 2 ticks in the time I have been typing this! I will cover this in detail soon, but not until I am back into doing it daily and have checked it all works the same and I haven'[t forgotten how to do it!!

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