Timing is everything!

I wasn’t trading tonight but just popped to check emails and noticed PSG were 1-0 up against Barcelona, IN Barcelona! That spelled a trade for me. No sooner could I get logged in and my trade entered, than it suspended and it was 1-1, just second before I would have pressed submit. Sometimes trading can really try your patience, almost like someone is watching over your shoulder having a good old chuckle at your expense!! You can probably guess I am not religious. 😀

I pinched a tick out of the over 2.5 goals market, always grab a tick or two when two quick goals are scored in succession, especially when the odds go down as low as 1.07, you can have a decent size stake without much liability. If it wasn’t Barcelona I would hold on for 5-10 ticks as I used to when this was a regular trading strategy of mine, but I have to run so 1 tick is all I could get in my time window! Remember, a tick is a tick, and its YOUR tick, so don’t sniff at it 😀

As you can guess, I have trading software now so this type of trading is available to me again, at long last. It was my staple trading diet at one point, all this LTD has made me feel all dirty like a gambler. TRADING here we come, boring crap like making books, dutching, tick scalping, maybe even some in play tick stealing once BT installs my fibre line with free BT Sport channels. In play tick stealing is not for the feint hearted, and you need good up to date pictures, but boy can it make some cash when you get it right! Getting it wrong is equally costly of course, the nature of trading, yin yang and all that 🙂

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