Well Salzburg didn’t score, I suspect their manager told them to hold out for the point for a draw after getting a player sent off. Load of crap if thats the case. The under 2.5 market is on 1.05 so I have laid it for a very low liability, in case their stats come good in the closing 15 minutes and the get scoring, plenty of upside to a bet like that.
Wolfsburg did the business, I am currently watching it and waiting for a second goal. I will give it 5-10 more minutes then just take my green if no more goals.

Feyenoord are back on the pitch and going great guns to score…… hold……. make that, have just scored! It was coming, I laid AZ at 1.5, thats an insane value bet, there is no way thats the right odds. I have a lovely profit on a feyenoord win, so i might wait and hope for 2-2 which is highly likely here, and then green up or maybe even wait for 3-2 after covering my losses and making all outcomes green.

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