What a dork!

ha ha, ignore my last post! I saw the white team score and thought Dortmund play in white, it was the other team who scored and its now Dortmund pressing for an equaliser, DOH!!

Well that goes to show stats are there for a reason, I pity anyone who took a LTD here and I have a feeling a lot of people did. It will be nervous times now, do you take a big loss and get out, or risk another goal from the dog and a huge loss? Nasty choice, my choice would be to wait it out though, as I am sure Dortmund will get one or two back, but you never know, and this is why i dont take LTD trades up around 6, it’s just too far to fall if the unexpected happens.

So anyway, I traded out with a nice profit. Now I just need OSS to score as their stats say they will, and it will be a nice green day.

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