Well you gotta laugh!

Dortmund stats are dismal for a LTD priced up over 6. I turned a live stream of the match on, just after kick off, and saw a bit of a mess up leaving the away team goalie way off his line, defender cleared and it came to a Dortmund player who volleyed it speculatively towards the goal, and in it went. haha. you win some you lose some.

5hit – while typing, the away team SO nearly scored, shot off the bar. not taking a loss here, 1-1 would be lovely at 30 minutes in for some green.

as usual, luck is 5hitty but the stats made this a value bet all day long. its the long term that counts, and games priced at 6 with crappy stats like these, is a long term profitable approach, so just got to suck in these nasty ones which get you a goal in the first minute!

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