Two more Betfair football trades today

Club Brugge @ 1700hrs – very strong stats here. I tend to avoid Belgian games, they can be inconsistent more often than bigger leagues, but can’t ignore this one. I am not paying 4.7 though, I have laid the draw at 4.5 and will wait to be filled in play if needed, if i miss out then so be it, these games drop quickly in play in my experience. Could probably get away with waiting for 4 for a nice clean trade (equal risk to stake if exiting @ 2) but stats suggest goals so I will stick at 4.5 and take my chances there.

Las Palmas – Almost a top plays bottom affair. Strangely the odds seem very cheap, not sure why. I should probably research the team selections but I have never been quite that anal about my trading, some are and I wish I could be really! The one concern is the tight conceding rate of the away team. Just over a goal a game away from home. this is a worry and nearly made me cancel, but las Palmas are king of the hill so I think they will break through that tight defence, and historic games between these 2 suggest that.



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