My Betfair Sports Trading Strategies

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Welcome to my Betfair trading blog, this began back in 2012 as an online diary of my football trading selections. Due to feedback from readers it quickly evolved into an explanation of my general approach to the markets, along with educational articles for people interested in taking up exchange trading themselves. In 2013, after a growing number of requests, I began to document my strategies in ebook format, something I only finished doing at the end of 2018 with my final ebook explaining my approach to pre-race trading in the horse racing markets.

If this is your first visit here, please take a minute to read my Welcome page which explains some of my background and some important things all aspiring Betfair traders should consider before diving in. For anyone new to the sports betting exchange, I have a completely free eBook which explains all the basics about trading, how it works, and how to get started as a complete novice.

Trading on Betfair allows you to work from the comfort of your own home with no travel costs and very few setup costs compared to most other types of business. If you’re a sports fan it can also be an extremely enjoyable way to earn a living! Sounds great doesn’t it?! Well it is! But it takes a serious amount of dedication, practice, and self-discipline. If you’re looking for a ‘hobby’, please look elsewhere! If you’re looking for a whole new career, be prepared to put in the hours. You’ll need to!

If you’re up for the challenge then go for it. I’m confident the information on my site will genuinely help you achieve success in your new career. I would wish you luck, but if you’re trading properly then you won’t be needing any of that! Leave the luck for the gamblers, they really do need it! 🙂


My Betfair Sports Trading Strategies — 4 Comments

  1. Hi tried to bye your book laying the draw a few times with no look takes you to clickbank page to pay with paypal then says please try another card.I think you should send it to me free for letting you know what do you think.

  2. Hi.Betangel have a bot called “lay the draw”.Have you tried to transform that bot to fit your rouls in the book lay the draw?What do you think is the best way to play the rouls you have in the book.Manually or automatic with betangels bot? 🙂

    Grettings LH

    • Hi Lars, I honestly haven’t looked. I once tried (a few years ago) to set up automated trading, i left the office and came back to a very nasty situation, and since that day I vowed to never get that lazy!! things have probably progressed a lot since then, but personally I think I would just rather stick to managing trades by hand. Call me old fashioned if you like!

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