How is that price fair?!

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 20.53.21

It’s 2-2. Yet the draw price is more than I ideally look for BEFORE Kick Off?!! 1.4 for a team which couldn’t get ahead by half time?! Crazy. I wanted to LTD there but after seeing that price, no chance! It will almost certainly come good, but the risk reward is blown away by that price, as IF there are no more goals it will drop too fast to give a decent run at the trade.

Also I was tempted to lay West Brom who are 1-0 against Chelsea. Trying to talk myself out of it, after all Brom can play well at home when they want to, and Chelsea has a red card and nothing to play for league-wise. Should probably leave it alone. Had a little tenner at 13.5 on correct score 1-2. If Chelsea score I will just remove liabilty, and green if./when its 1-2 to chelsea.

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