Another strange one!

Ternana v Varese

This is a back the draw or back unders all day long. Stats based of course, so it can always result in an early shock loss, that goes without saying, but those goal stats are SO dismal, i may well back the draw down to 4 or maybe even 3.5 if i can watch the game and its as dire as the stats suggest! According to those stats, the game will be lucky to see a goal! Yet the odds suggest a goal fest. Only one can be true, and I know which one the stats say is more likely!

Another approach to games like this, for someone who doesn’t fancy sitting in exposed to loss caused by a goal, you can wait and watch and hope for an early goal or two, then lay over 2.5 goals, or back under 2.5 for a set period, i sometimes do this for 20 minutes or so.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 12.10.33


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