I have only just seen the time! I typed the last post hours ago but it didn’t submit the post so I hit it again when I came in to check scores on the Valarenga game. what a trade that woilud have been AAAAAAGH! 1.3 to 4.1 in 5 minutes! Bugggggger


Well the Champions League final certainly is a tempter for an away LTD. There’s no stats basis for a trade, I haven’t even looked, I just find myself always tempted to LTD when Barca play and never seem to lose! This is about the tallest order they have had for a long time though so I am trying to keep my idea in check for now. I am sure there will be some good in play opportunities however, and with the massive volume on the match odds market I am sure there is a chunk of money to be made scalping, bookmaking etc. Lay the draw trades are thin on …

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