Enjoying the sun…

surfing not tradingJust a quick note to let y’all know I am alive, as always happens around this time of year the decent footie dies off and the sun comes out, so its either some nice racing trading or just a good time to tidy the house and garden! I only trade racing on wet days this time of year, it’s just too nice to be sat looking at Bet Angel ladders when a blue sky waits for me outside!!

Tennis trading is a great thing to be doing this time of year, but I enjoy watching Wimbledon too much to spoil it by staring at flashing ladders! Shame, because there are some great easy ways to make money during this 2 week period!

Normal service will resume as soon as some footie games spike my interest

Oh and no, that’s not me in the pic. Waves like that don’t really merit me getting my board out any more, 100foot plus – that’s my kinda wave. 😀


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