Am I the only one who dislikes women’s football?!

Ok, I have to say it. I can’t stand women’s football. Cue the hate mail 😀 😀

I must confess to having never seen it until last night. This was not out of a deliberate attempt to avoid it, but more out of lack of interest. It just doesn’t seem a very feminine thing to be doing and therefore doesn’t represent entertainment for me, nutting heads as they compete for a ball 8 feet in the air, sliding tackles, shoulder barges resulted in winded players writhing in pain on the floor etcetera. I saw some for the first time last night when i accidentally switched channel to hear “this world cup final…..” and I was stopped in my tracks. Did the next World Cup really come round that quick?! Had I been kidnapped by aliens or what?!

No, it wasn’t “the” World Cup. It was the “women’s” World Cup. An altogether different industry, I mean game, oops sorry. I watched the last 30 minutes, I sort of felt I should punish myself and force myself to watch it to admonish any ghosts of intolerance, sexism, bigotry and any other name-tags society has “taught” me to react with to such unfashionable and outdated feelings. I must have cringed and winced a hundred times. Every tackle, every header, it just felt wrong to me. Then the worst thing that could have happened, happened……

women's football world cup winners

Is this really Women’s Football? Or Men’s football played by 22 women?

I saw women spitting just like men, even giving it a bit of that head motion to really spit that spit far away in a show of virility and power! I feel a bit ill when I see blokes spitting every 3.6 seconds in every Premiership game I watch, it just seems disgusting and unnecessary to me, all those young impressionable kids watching their heroes spitting. And hey presto kids now spit routinely in the streets of every town I visit, in some cases as regularly as breathing or flicking their overgrown side-parting back. Is it football’s fault? No, but it’s helped. Society has changed in many ways for many reasons, but just because it has, doesn’t mean I have to like it and doesn’t mean it’s a good thing either. But to see women spitting in that manly aggressive way, well it turns my stomach and I make no apologies for it, and for a change, I think some blokes need to bloody well own up to these feelings because I am sure I am not alone in these feelings I have when I see young, often quite beautiful women, spitting with their hands on their hips while giving an aggressive look towards someone else. It just doesn’t feel right at all.

How insane it would be of me in this day and age, to suggest women’s football could be played in skirts. How UTTERLY INSANE!! But is it? Hockey used to be played like that, a very physical game, and ladies looked like ladies and men looked like men, both were equally excellent to watch, equally competitive. Skirts didn’t belittle any women just as shorts didn’t belittle any men. Just before everyone dives on me with their women’s lib engraved daggers and ‘Bear (nob-end) Grylls’ Bra-Ignition Kits, can I ask you a question…….

How would Wimbledon look if all the female players turned up today with shorts on dressed just like Novak Djokivic? I bet I would have MILLIONS OF PEOPLE sharing my sentiment if that were to happen! Many women too I have no doubt. So what’s the difference? The difference is simply time. We need a long time to accept changes, especially when they involve hundreds or thousands of years of human evolution and history, thus becoming part of the very essence of humanity and equally hard to change overnight. If you do it too quick, people don’t like it. I would relate it to slow poisoning! If the reaction of the majority of people to something new is overtly negative, that tends to suggest it is something which society doesn’t want. But what if the powers that be (whoever that may be) really REALLY want it to happen anyway? Well in that case let’s just do it over many many years, all the while jumping on anyone who speaks against it, labelling them and chastising them, ridiculing them even whenever possible. These naysayers will slowly crawl under rocks for cover and hopefully they will just shut up and learn to harbour their beliefs quietly and never speak about them in public for fear of public humiliation, a bit like a witch in medieval times, how far we have come eh. Eventually the change can be affected successfully, and all that is left are the old haunts like me who don’t give a 5hit about being labelled or bullied, especially by those who claim to profess TOLERANCE. Of course their superior brand of ‘tolerance’ only applies to people or viewpoints they choose to tolerate, not others, which negates the whole point of tolerance really but hey ho, logic doesn’t come into it, that much is crystal clear. Tolerance is a tool like political correctness, and in its incredible irony, it is a tool for the strong to overcome the weak, strong being defined by number now as opposed to physical strength. If you can get enough people behind an idea (so easily done in modern media) , and convince them to view all other viewpoints as being intolerant, it’s ‘fait accompli’ – the intolerance of the tolerant overcame the truly tolerant minority, and all in the name of tolerance. Go figure, yeah that’s what I thought!

hockeyWomen in my view should wear different clothes to men at least as a general rule and where no practical problems exist. Likewise men should wear different clothes to women where practicalities don’t get in the way. If someone wants to wear the same as the other gender, I believe they should have that choice, and I do NOT believe they should be persecuted in any way for that choice, but at the same time I do not believe such things should be pushed on us as normality by huge events and media empires when they have never been normality before. By allowing this, we basically open the door to the media or powerful business people to change the rules for society as a whole, and that is one dangerous idea in my opinion.

The only possible reason for women wearing the same attire as men is to push this constant drive for men and women to become identical, thus losing the freedom and individuality of BOTH. How is that progress or in any way helping to create a better society? I thought diversity and individuality was cool these days? So how does removing the norms of an entire gender serve to broaden our horizons of variety and choice? It’s a self-defeating cycle, you can’t have both. I prefer diversity, colourful differences and cultures varying hugely making humankind rich and vibrant in all its forms. That is what being a human is all about, or so I thought anyway.

Women and men have always worn different clothes as long as life has existed. They had different bits to protect or cover up. Different body, different biology, different natural purpose, different emotional make-up, different physical make-up, different strengths and weaknesses, different genes…… is different clothes really such a bad thing?! I think it CELEBRATES the difference between the two genders, and this insatiable desire to remove any distinguishing features is a crime against both men and women in my opinion. Different external appearances allow a man to spot a woman and a woman to spot a man, it’s the reason birds in the forest have different coloured feathers depending on gender, the reason every creature on earth has a different appearance depending on their gender.

But it appears to me that women’s football is absolutely determined to show women can BE JUST LIKE men, rather than to just enjoy and play a game men have long played. It doesn’t liberate anyone in my view, in fact who is to say women dressed in skirts couldn’t play better than men? Skirts with shorts under like hockey players used to wear (still do maybe, I don’t know) does not restrict any movement, but it DOES DISTINGUISH a MAN FROM A WOMAN. And this point is where this stuff gets me down. The women’s lib movement seems to believe that in order to show men what women can do, to show the world how women are free and capable of doing anything a man can do (etc etc, yada yada yada) they must ……… er……. MIMIC a man?! That’s the antipody of freedom, the exact opposite, it’s submission to the ways of men, surely?! Don’t BE men, BE WOMEN FFS and impress the world with your skills AS WOMEN! What’s so shameful about being a feminine ladylike, woman? It’s like that’s become the new taboo, the social leper which proves a woman isn’t free if she conforms to any female customs from more than 20 years ago.

So instead of making women stay in the kitchen all day (as us blokes are apparently guilty of doing in the past), a women who now seeks to do that and actually wants to do so, is seen as a moron by all of her kind. I speak from first hand experience. My wife loves every minute of being at home with kids, making cakes, and all the other lovely things that entails for her and them. She is sneered at by most modern women, like she is letting the side down for not handing her beloved kids to a child minder while she goes off in a suit in the morning and returning home at 8pm after meetings after work, followed by a quick kiss goodnight then off to the gym to beef up her quads and triceps…….. you know, that kind of stuff….. er….. quite a lot of…….  MEN DO. Sorry but for me, proving you can live a man’s life isn’t in any way liberating, it is very much the opposite, almost a submission to the “man’s world” we apparently live in, and a misguided attempt at obtaining freedom by siding with your ‘captors’ and becoming one of them. Dare I say it, it’s like gender-based Stockholm Syndrome?! Read the first line or two of that description, I for one find it interesting! (And if I am the only one then I have at least served to make society a more diverse place. :D)

Now let me say this….. The quality of football in that game I saw last night was incredible. It was top notch football, it looked like a premier league game to me, the passing, the skills, the shots, even the goalies, every single part of it was excellent football and no question every bit as good as many top men’s games I have seen. I am not commenting on football, whether women can play it properly or not, or whether women should be allowed to play it, of course they should, women can climb Everest and run billion dollar corporations if they so choose. What grates me is the PUSH on general society to make women’s football as big overnight as the men’s game, and much worse, the effing SAME as the men’s game!

Women’s football is a great idea, so let fu**ing WOMEN play it, not pseudo-men with shirt-potatoes and a slightly higher pitched shriek when subjected to a nasty tackle. THAT is insulting to women in my view, far more than women playing a game THEIR way, in THEIR attire, and in a way that men CAN NOT play it! Now that is unique, that is something truly liberated and something which womankind can own as their own, rather than renting the men’s version, thus empowering men and basically submitting to their ownership of the sport. Men and women are DIFFERENT. They can have equal rights, equal many things, but they can NOT BE THE SAME. One look at last night’s football game shows just how few people seem to accept this, how hard many will go to disprove the notion, and how badly they will always fail as the two genders of humans do not, have not, and never will function exactly the same way either physically or mentally. Thank God for that, because I am certain that human kind would not have evolved beyond cave-dwellers if they did not have these crucial complimentary differences. In fact they wouldn’t never have evolved at all, the male/female synergy and dynamics are FUNDAMENTAL to life itself, so let’s stop being 3 year olds and embrace it rather than f**k it up just to prove a point, a point which has been proven so many times it is frankly beyond boring now too.


What a simply lovely image. A female playing a unisex sport as a female. Make the most of it, 50 years from now she might be in a boiler suit!

WE KNOW – women are amazing, I genuinely believe women are by far the stronger gender mentally and emotionally. Not physically, but in just about every other way I feel women are actually superior to men, and nature made it that way because the pressures on females throughout evolution has been predominantly emotional, whereas the pressures on the males was much more physical. Therefore men are, and have always been the physically dominant gender. The fact that physical sporting events like tennis or boxing have men’s and women’s titles rather than a unisex competition, and a million other examples, prove this beyond doubt. A man’s serve versus a women’s serve, a man’s punch versus a woman’s punch. Yes I can easily find a woman who punches harder than a man, but an exception to a rule, doesn’t make a rule, it makes an exception, a rarity, something outside of “the norm”. There are exceptions to just about any rule. Put 1000 men in a room and teach them to box, put 1000 women in another room and do the same training, and let em fight it out. I will bet you every penny I have the winner will be a man. This doesn’t make men better, superior, dominant or oppressive (as they have been without question in the past). This is just a fact of life. By the same token, I strongly suspect if you did the same test but instead of boxing, the competition was sleep deprivation, multi-tasking, problem-solving and many other things, I feel quite sure women would have the edge. Men are not better than women, women are not better than men, we are exclusively designed for different tasks and as such, we are equipped with different skill-sets. This is why women should and still do usually compete with OTHER women, and not with men, because it wouldn’t be fair. It would be like a breast-feeding competition between a woman and a man. I dream of living to see the day that people can just accept this as a fact of life, just like the fact that air consists of 21% oxygen and 78% nitrogen, it’s something we are utterly powerless to change, and something which gives us the world as we know it, so why on earth would we want to meddle with it? Women can play football. They can play it very very well. Hooray, can’t this dusty old debate finally end now, it’s boring me to death! I actually hoped to see women playing football to see “how they play it”. But 60 seconds in and I can see it’s not women’s football. It’s men’s football, and that’s a choice women’s football has made, a crazy one in my view.

Here’s an interesting thought, let’s just for a moment assume I am not the one and only man on this earth who feels the way I do, who gets a bad taste in his mouth when he sees young women spitting on prime time telly in front of an audience of millions. In fact let’s just assume this bigoted sexist chauvinist pig (amongst many other labels our tolerant society would have you call me) is actually part of a very large number of men who feel the same way, just humour me here for a sec and try to imagine that’s the case! Now put all of us men who feel like this, in a room and show us two hours of football. The first hour is women playing football much like they did last night in the Women’s World Cup final, ‘playing as if they were men’ for want of a better description, not that I need one, that’s exactly what they were doing. Then the second hour, they watch football which is more like the Wimbledon version of women’s football, two teams of very clearly female players, wearing female clothes and female expressions and demeanour, celebrating their footballing abilities as WOMEN. Not “weaker” then men for doing so, just different, just FEMININE, you know, that thing that all women actually ARE whether they like it or not, some more than others granted, but all women are female so all are feminine to some degree. That second hour of feminine football, would probably get a hugely interested audience from men like me. This could be a massive boost to the game and the industry which it is clearly being designed to be. In other words, if you removed the misplaced liberation front objectives about football, and just made the women’s game exactly that, THEIR game, it would explode far quicker I believe, and the fat cats who stand to profit from this business would do even better.

Which leads me to mentioning those fat cats……

Before all the expected screams of equality, women’s rights etcetera, let me say something about the people behind women’s football as it goes forward. Not the people behind it historically for decades, which were no doubt very strong minded and passionate women who loved football and wanted to promote it, and a good job they did too. But between the FA and FIFA, women’s football in my view simply represents a HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY! Do people really believe that the fat cats, the predominantly white middle class MEN who sit around these big tables and board meetings making big far-reaching decisions, are concerned about the liberation of women?! I think not. I think PROFIT is the only buzzword in those rooms, and one look at the almost sickening way men’s football has been turned from a sport enjoyed by millions to a product purchased by millions every week, is proof in my view that football is just a business now. But when it reaches what must surely be a peak as it has done over the last ten years or so (salary-wise if nothing else), don’t you think the many shareholders, and rich men of the industry are desperately seeking ways to further enrich themselves and grow what seems to be a maxed out industry? What better way, than to throw a bone to a load of firey ladies, give them a sniff of a chance to make a point and be “just as good as the men” bla bla bla, and in actual fact turn themselves into patsies for the cause of rich MEN?! Those big bosses don’t rub their hands at seeing women proving how liberated they are by spitting and running around in a pair of shorts, they rub their hands at the prospect of MILLIONS of new FANS they hope to obtain for a whole new industry, potentially DOUBLING their industry’s size as young girls begin to copy generations of young boys. Instead of little Johnnie going to the match with has dad every Saturday, it will be little Jenny going with mummy. (Who the f*** is going to get the ironing done and cook dinner? Johnny and Dad? Come off it, they are too busy making dresses for themselves. (JOKE) :D)

I actually feel like women are being used, BY men, to further expand the male-dominated industry of football, to put more money in more men’s pockets and help PRESERVE THE MALE DOMINANCE OF IT! It’s a fantastic exercise in hoodwinking, where the men win and the women think they do. I would like to see a women’s football organisation run by women for women, with women playing football like women, proudly and freely, without any gullible, male-manufactured desire to imitate men, nor to try to prove a point of equality or similarity with men. I feel women would benefit more from it, and the game would benefit a LOT more. Who knows, maybe women could come up with new ideas, new skills, new strategies and team formations etcetera, which could teach the men’s game something, who knows?! One thing is for sure, the way it is now, woman are, and always will be, playing second fiddle to the men’s game. And all so some bra-burners can say “I can do anything you can do”, which is of course bollox, I have yet to meet a women who can pee upwards while standing, but who knows what the next 50 years of “progress” will bring. A joke yes, but also true. In the same way I have never met a man who could give birth to a baby or sing soprano without having his balls lopped off. We were made differently, the fact that human kind has got to THIS point is PURELY down to this fact that we are NOT the same. We are different, but compliment each other perfectly, to create a perfect environment for furthering the species and living harmoniously and safely in order to rear another generation of similarly different genders who can do it all again, in between football matches. 😀

We can never all be the same, we can never all be equal. No matter how equal anything is, someone will always be “more equal” than the next person. It can be about gender, or about wealth, or about physical size or strength, or intelligence, or how many guns you have, or what car you drive, or……… etcetera. We are not the same. No two men are the same, no two men are equal. It is a nice idea, but impossible as anything more than an idea, and if it were actually true, would life really be worth living? Equal rights/opportunities are a very different thing altogether, we can and indeed should legislate for such things to prevent deliberate persecution and oppression of any group of people. What I speak of above is not related to that in any way at all. It is the desire of people to be something other than what they are which I find distasteful, it smacks of a very deeply hidden and perhaps completely unknown feeling of inferiority or shame in one’s self-image. Men should be proud of the games they play, as should women, equally proud, and equally free to enjoy them. But why do we need to make carbon copy clones of one in order to allow the freedom of the other? Makes no sense to me at all, other than lining the pockets of the string pullers much higher up the food chain of course.

From the FIFA website: “Live Your Goals aims to encourage more girls and women to play, participate and stay involved in football. Join our campaign and help us to try and grow the number of girls and women playing football worldwide from 30 to 45 million in time for the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™!

I am sure shareholders will be very happy when that objective is realised, the financial one I mean. It sounds like a really hopeful objective, one to encourage enjoyment and opportunity, but is it hell. It’s a profit projection, nothing more nothing less. Do I really need to mention Seb Splatter to convince you it’s just about the money? Didn’t think so.

From Wikipedia:

“In June 1993 the WFA ceased to exist when power was transferred to the FA. The 1993–94 FA Women’s Cup was the first to be run under direct control of the FA, while the league structure was taken over and re–branded in 1994–95.[4] It was intended that the resources and experience of the FA would capitalise on increased participation levels and arrest a decline in fortunes for the women’s national team.[5]|”

“The FA’s subsequent performance did not meet with universal approval. Linda Whitehead, the WFA’s secretary for 13 years prior to the switchover, said of the FA, “A lot of people felt very bitter. It wasn’t what they wanted to do, it was the way they did it — they just rode roughshod all over us.”[6] In December 1994 Arsenal Ladies manager Vic Akers lamented, “They [the FA] have been in charge 18 months now and they talk about a development plan. But I haven’t heard a single word yet about what they actually intend to do.”[7]

A 2006 Department for Culture, Media and Sport report into women’s football concluded that the FA had been largely successful in developing and promoting the women’s game in England.[2] Sue Lopez noted that prior to 1993 the WFA provided only “scant support”[2] and that participation levels had stagnated between 1976 and 1991.[8] Jean Williams reported that the WFA had been a “pretty leaky umbrella,” particularly after 1985 when a lack of resources was compounded by infighting.[9] Kelly Simmons, the FA’s director of women’s football, stated that “the WFA did a brilliant job as a voluntary organisation, but the amount of human and financial resources the FA could put behind women’s football was a major change.”[10]”

So there you have it. The voluntary organisation of passionate women, passionate about their INTEREST, was taken over by a male-orientated organisation which makes 300-400 MILLION in profits each year. Nobody is being freed here, nobody is being liberated, a few are just getting richer. Does this mean women should not play football? Of course not. It means I view it with great scepticism, and I do not see any triumph for women through the so-called “women’s football”, I see very much the opposite. Take the game as your own ladies, and do whatever you want with it. Maybe you could do a better job of running your own game and avoid the corruption etc within the men’s game. Now THAT would be a point worth proving in my humble opinion. 🙂

Like I said……… Cue the hate mail 😀 😀

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