Wow, a trade!

8pm Palmeiras – I don’t often trade Brazil games but this one looks good with good form on both sides. It’s not the strongest pick ever, but the odds make it a good value trade in my view. 3.7 ish currently, that’s cheap with such a good run of home form for home team.

8pm Fluminense – Another Brazil game, a strange one but excellent value I think. They don’t score a lot at home, and a big part of me is tempted to leave it for a 0-0 half time scoreline, but I think that would almost certainly miss out on goals and with the away team’s terrible form and conceding stats, I think this should be snapped up before the off for 3.6 ish. Value value value!

That’s all, I looked at a couple of Finland games reluctantly and they soon reminded me why I don’t trade those small leagues, awful stats for the price. Those two Brazil games should bank some green if the stats have anything to do with it, which of course they ‘usually’ do!


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