Nothing doing today

I was half tempted by Wrexham game in the UK national league, but the away team just don’t concede enough even though I reckon they will in this game. Their stats show 1 goal per game conceded so it looks like they just park the bus in front of the goal in away games and hope for a draw, which seems to work more often than not too, Best avoided I think. The season will only get better from here on in, so no point pushing it. Patience and greed are the two biggest challenges to a trader!

1-2 trades today

I am working busily on some horse racing strategies as I am getting sick of people asking me how I trade horses! Much of what I do is intuitive or learned over many years and therefore isn’t something I can explain in five minutes, but I am working on breaking it all down into definable strategies with decision factors and timings etcetera all laid out in bullet fashion. It will take a while longer I suspect, but it could be just what many of you are looking for so make sure you are signed up to the email form (right hand side) for updates, or just hit the LIKE button …

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In play LTD

Lazio v St Etienne. Not a normal one, no real stats for this, but a Lazio 11 man team vs a St Etienne 10 man team, seems a no brainer to me so i am having a half stakes lay the draw there. Half stakes purely because this is a bit of a gut feel trade as opposed to a stats one, and stats are king!