one football trade today

I looked at Zenit today as that looks a good game but at the price (6) its a joke. As usual the Russian games always seem to have their odds on steroids! At 4 I might be interested, maybe even 4.5 but no higher than 5, and at 6, with the stats showing Zenit score most of their goals in the last 15 minutes, in the past when I sat and watched games like this, I would be very tempted to lay Zenit or back the draw either from the off or at some point in play when things don’t pan out how the punters expect. There is definitely opportunity in those silly prices, purely on the stats. Yes of course Zenit could kick off and score 4 goals in 20 minutes. But 9 times out of 10 they walk around doing nothing for 45-60 minutes and turn it all on at the end, that’s from both my experience of watching them play and the stats on this particular game. I am leaving it alone just because I won;t be around when they play, but if for any reason I am back in the office I may have a dabble.

I couldn’t see any others today, I overlooked QPR purely due to the odds making it look competitive. But I have just had a look at the stats and I am glad I did, as I think this game is the complete opposite to the Russian game, GOOD value! Goal stats speak for themselves, and early goals look the order of the day here, which is always nice. Add to that the fact that the price is a lovely 3.5 ish, and you have a very cheap LTD where you can be involved for a good 65-70 minutes. I will definitely be doing that one.

P.S. I should add that this is one of those where the away team have a very real chance of winning. I don’t expect them to, but they could, and given the nice cheap entry price of 3.5, you can do well out of a win from either team, the only pain here is nobody scoring or making any real attempts to, causing a drop in the draw price, but again it will take a while to get down to 2


lay the draw

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