I have geared my bets to profit either way with Liverpool. I have green on over 2.5 and break even on under 2.5 but I have laid Liverpool so if they concede to Leicester which i expect, i will have a nice green there, but if they score again I will lose money on my liverpool lay (unless Leicester come back) but my under’s bet will then kick in for a hefty green as I laid so low at 1.09. It’s basically bought me a bit of free gambling rights on the game.

I have just laid the draw on villa v westham at 1.7. It’s low risk and I can let it run to the very end, but looking at stats I fancy Ham to score (nearly backed them at such a good price) but laying the draw is better as it works for either team scoring. Stats show West Ham score a quarter of their goals in last 15 mins, and Villa concede a lot of their goals in last 30, so stats wise this looks a good bet to not end 1-1. Maybe I should have just laid 1-1! Never thought of that! Would be more pricey than LTD though.

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