Sorry for lack of trades lately, I haven’t even had time to look as we have builders in after our roof started leaking badly during all this heavy rain we have been having. the place is like a bomb site at the mo. Just a quick update on the Leicester trade (backed to win Premier League), well I got my numbers wrong and realised I hadn’t staked anything like what I thought I had, for some reason I have been going along thinking I had a few hundred quid backed here, but actually closer to £35! AGGHH! I assume I left my orders in and they didn’t get matched, then …

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Possible trade

I quite like the look of Breda v Eindhoven for a lay the draw. I don’t like the fact they are next to each other in the league, that is usually enough to avoid a trade for me, but the goal stats and recent home form for Breda look nice enough so I may have a small dabble.

Quick update

Hi all, sorry for lack of posts lately. I have been away. Just getting back to things, hundreds of emails to trawl through so not sure if I will get to any trading today but hoping to. You might recall I mentioned Leicester’s price to win the league were ridiculously high a while back. I backed them at various prices up to 38-1, for small £5 or £10 stakes as it went up (against the logic!). Their win the other day brought the odds back down but still nowhere near reality. They are joint FIRST place for God’s sake, yet still priced at 12-1?! Oh well, that’s punters and perception …

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