Foxy Foxy

Well the Leicester trade is looking tasty, nowhere near as tasty as it should if I had staked it properly but hey ho, live and learn, must take more care over the buttons and numbers, I am a  swine for doing things at 100mph, it comes from trading horse markets in the last 60 seconds before the off, 😀 I backed Leicester at various prices between 13 and 36 over the past few months. Basically I just took any value that was on offer. When the team was priced at 20-1 while beating everyone out of sight and looking like Barcelona in their goal scoring abilities at times, I knew …

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Nasty result, the worst for any LTD. How that stayed 0-0 I have no idea, but it did, so time to swallow it as a loser and look to the next good trade. With those stats, it was a good trade. Good trades lose as well as win 🙂 Thankful I got in at 3 instead of 5 as I am sure many will have done, that was a nailed on LTD all day long! Small mercies I suppose! …

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Price was coming down quickly suggesting a slow game. I got a live feed up and watched a few minutes, and only just entering now. Nice price 3 – very nice for those stats. 3 goals per game on average, they have some work to do, lets hope they get on and do it now! I think a goal just after HT team talk is likely.

One trade

Leicester v West Brom – I am not 100% sure whether to lay the draw at KO or 30 mins in. At worst I will LTD at 30 mins if 0-0. But if it kicks off with a bang, loads of shots and activity, I will probably get straight in soon after kick off as it’s a very low risk trade going by the odds 🙂