How many people are going to resist LTD Spain v Turkey?!

Much discussion today with friends (traders) about this. I haven’t been following the Spanish team much recently so I don’t even know much about their player line up. This is an international game which is reason number 1 why it’s a no trade for me. Stats won’t be easy to find or easy to rely on. Having said that, it’s the kind of game where I am pretty sure, if I am watching and it looks busy (in Spain’s favour) and it’s 0-0 at 30-45 minutes, I would probably be getting involved. I would be on reduced stakes as it’s not a purely stats based trade. I only share that because so many people I know will be considering it as a “trade”. It’s not what I would call a true trade, but it’s one of those rare times when I might bend my rules just a tiny amount, IF what i see is impressive and the odds get very cheap. Huge value is what’s needed to bring me away from my rules even just slightly, so I want the advantage of some game time to watch, AND a lot of value in the price on offer.
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How many people are going to resist LTD Spain v Turkey?! — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Tim
    Recently subscribed to your blog, something I never do, so shows how really impressed I am with your whole setup. Much respect to you. I am a part time trader combined with a job, I also favour LTD and after trying various other strats, this is the one I always come back to, I like the simplicity. I have done a few LTD over the course of the Euro’s with varying success, but like you said there are no real stats to give you an edge, example being France v Albania the other night, I LTD on that expecting an hat full of goals which never materialised until the last 2 minutes by which time I had cashed out for a loss, never mind, the game tonight between Spain v Turkey is a similar set up, but Spain are weak up front and Turkey are quite stubborn, so I am leaving this one alone. Many thanks for all your posts and hard work and roll on the Prem season, so we can get back to some proper football.

    • Hiya Tom. Great to hear from a fellow trader. Yes bang on there, these Euros (and any international) can throw up some very odd results and this is why I avoid them. Thanks for subscribing, I rarely subscribe to anything either as I detest spam with a passion and no matter how much people say they won’t, they always do! I however really WON’T!! I actually didn’t have a subscription until readers asked me over and over. Main reason was because people wanted to see what I am trading and I often don’t update until just minutes before (as I don’t see them until minutes before quite often!). I am about to release my entire process for selecting my trades. Again this is something I have been asked to publish for years and only this year I got bored enough, and had enough time to actually do it. I am not giving it away for free though, it took a lot of work and it’s every single thing I do to trade LTD. It should be released in a week or two. Stay subscribed as subscribers will get a heavily discounted price 🙂
      Keep up with your trading, maybe that day job will soon be a thing of the past! All the best

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