Saturday 23rd July Football trading

1430 – Rosenborg v Haugesund – Stats look excellent, price is high at present though. if I can get in before 15 minutes into the game for 4.8 or maybe 4.9, I will lay the draw here. 1500 – Malmo v Kalmar – Ditto above 2000 – Corinthians v Figueirense – Looked possible but I don’t like the very late scoring stats of the home team. They should walk all over Fig but I wont be trading it unless it gets to 75 minutes and is still a draw (no score or score draw) then I might have a low risk late dabble Nothing else of interest despite quite a …

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Well Dodged!!!

Well then! How’s about that for ducking a bullet?! That would have been a very nasty losing trade. Just goes to show that these reasons for avoiding a trade are not just as important as finding winning ones, they are MORE important. A 70 year old stock market veteran trader once said much the same thing to me along the lines of… ‘Any idiot can find a winning trade. Even an ape can pick the future right half the time, when it can only go two ways. The secret to being successful is being able to avoid all but the very best, strongest, most secure trades. Turning down a borderline …

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short notice possible trade

Not certain whether I will do this or not, it could be overpriced anyway. But Molde v Start is 1-1 approaching HT. The stats speak for themselves: The one problem is the price. It’s hovering around 3.75 just before HT, which to me seems high despite the stats. Ok I think a home win is highly likely based on those stats, but if they don’t score within 20 or so minutes of the KO of the second half, it could be a fast losing trade with much less time for a goal than an average trade would have. Hmmm, tricky! I think on reflection (after typing this!) I would say …

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Two nice trades, missed

Well thanks to power cuts and dodgy internet all day today, I didn’t do either of these. That slight element of doubt was enough to put me off. But looks like both turned out to be nice winning trades. I learned something even if I didn’t win any green today. Don’t be snobby, when the stats look right, have faith! 😀

Hold onto your hats!

I MAY have just found a trade from one of the longest but worst football coupons I have ever had the need to trawl through! Perhaps more than one… Brazil Game – Santos v Ponte Preta – Not as good as the odds suggest so I wont be in before KO. But I reckon if the odds get to 3.5 before a goal is scored, I will be laying the draw. Here are the stats: Some negatives are obvious here: The teams are only a few places apart in the league Both have 23 league points Away team don’t concede that many goals. On the plus side: Away team score …

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Wow, is this a trade I see before me?

Atletico PR v America MG – Brazil game. This looks decent enough. The home scoring average is a little lower than I would ideally like (1.4 goals per game) but the horrific conceding stats of the away team make up for that and should help ensure the home team score at least 2 goals here, even though we only need one for a winning trade. The away team are bottom of the league and struggling by the look of it. I generally approach Brazilian games with a bit of caution, not because they don’t produce winners but because I have had quite a few trades with very late goals in …

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