Wow, is this a trade I see before me?

Atletico PR v America MG – Brazil game. This looks decent enough. The home scoring average is a little lower than I would ideally like (1.4 goals per game) but the horrific conceding stats of the away team make up for that and should help ensure the home team score at least 2 goals here, even though we only need one for a winning trade. The away team are bottom of the league and struggling by the look of it. I generally approach Brazilian games with a bit of caution, not because they don’t produce winners but because I have had quite a few trades with very late goals in the past. Purely going by the stats, it’s a 30 minute LTD this, so someone struggling with a small bank and finding the entry price pre KO of 4.5 a bit high for their liking, this is one of those you could wait for a 30 min 0-0 scoreline to get involved. A few pics of the stats…

football trading stats

Excellent home form and suitably rubbish away form

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 19.12.04

The other one on my shortlist for today was the Peru game (Juan Aurich) and whilst the odds look perfect, the stats are the opposite, I would be more inclined the back the draw here, certainly if one team goes ahead. But it’s a no trade for LTD simply based on the first check I do which is the league positions. They are neighbours in the league table which is always a no go for me, as many readers know this is one of my no-break rules.

For those that don’t know my method or selection criteria, you will probably have seen I have now finally published my LTD method after years of being asked. This summer has presented me with enough boredom and free time (with so few footie trades) that I finally pulled my finger out and documented my process in full detail. Click here to find out more.

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