Saturday 20 August

Well after looking through a huge shortlist, I have decided to trade absolutely nothing today. It’s been a long wait through the summer but the stats are very thin on all major EU league games, and having looked at some results, even when there are stats to go on, they are generally very unreliable as an indicator of probabilities as there just hasn’t been enough football going on yet to form a good base of information for trading.

So as itchy as I am to trade, I am going to have a relaxing weekend and maybe just do some racing. Football needs a bit more patience, hopefully next Saturday will be as busy as I thought today would be when I saw the coupon earlier!


Saturday 20 August — 2 Comments

  1. nice one Dave. Yes I often hear of people having great trades which I have turned down, likewise I have some which friends of mine wouldn’t touch with a barge pole! I think trading is extremely individual, after all if you lose, it’s YOUR money you lose and same for winning. I have had so many bad trades on Man U, i basically just avoid them generally at least until they have some massive stats advantage. that’s not technically a good reason to avoid a trade, but the lack of stats is. I don’t follow football as closely as some die hard fans, it’s a market place for me not a constant obsession so some people (maybe you) have a lot more knowledge of teams and players than me. therefore sometimes people see a good trade due to their higher level of team knowledge, I tend to just stick with stats and if they dont shout at me to trade I dont get involved. I saw the scoreline and i am sure that gave you some nice green! cheers

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